Ready! Aim! Fire!

I live with four of my best friends. And I love them for so many reasons. Truly, we’ve been through the fire and the rain together. Life is never boring.
Ashley: I think I caught our microwave on fire…

Me: Is that metal? Ash, did you put a metal pan in the microwave?!?!

Ashley: *pause* …it’s oven safe!

Me: That’s not the same thing! Did anything happen to it?

Ashley: *laugh laugh laugh* It sparked!

Me: You can’t put metal in the microwave!

Ashley: What else should I use?!

Me: A plate. A microwave-safe plate.

Ashley: Well apparently NOTHING is microwaveable these days!
And now we are jamming to The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack. I love my life.

Grace and peace,


Quote of the Day

I am sitting in my dorm lobby watching the Saints game. After an unexpected undefeated season thus far, we are in overtime against the Redskins. There girls are watching. Weird girls. They said weird things.

Girl 2: They got an interjection!
Girl 1: I think it’s called an interception.

Girl 2: Why do their pants have to be so tight? 

Girl 3: I just want those refs to raise their hands.
(Referring to a completed field goal.)

Girl 1: My heart is pounding.
Girl 2: My thyroid is pounding.
Girl 3: My dad has thyroid.