A Product of Procrastination

It is really hard to keep up with thing. I’m in a season where life is going too fast to document any of it. But I am alive and well. I think the big lesson that I’ve learned so far this semester is the best one I’ve ever learn: how to really sit at Jesus’ feet and pour my heart out to Him and then let Him to meet me exactly where I am (usually in a state of complete brokenness) and speak healing to wounds I didn’t even know were there. Yeeeeeeeah. It’s been difficult. But it’s been rich.

Last night, I lead worship for FCA. It was a last minute thing. The guy who asked me said they try to keep it to an hour, so I would only have time for two songs. And one was to be a cover. Well shoot. I only really have one song in my arsenal of songs one might hear on the radio. It was my only choice. So I got up and whipped out my cutsie-pie acoustic rendition of Chris Brown’s Forever. I think they were laughing at me. But I was laughing too. So I guess they were laughing with me. In any case, it was a humbling evening and a jolly good time. I had to pray to segue into actual worship time. After something like Chris Brown, it’s important to get your heart in the zone…

What kind of music have you been getting into lately? I’ve recently developed a fancy for folky gospely bluegrassy things…
– Sandra McCracken’s album The Builder and the Architect. Oh goodness. It is raw and worshipful and awesome.
–  Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors’ album A Million Miles Away
– The Wailin’ Jennys’ album Firecracker
– Patty Griffin’s latest album titled Downtown Church. It was recorded in Downtown Presbyterian in Nashville and was produced by the great Buddy Miller himself. I’m pretty sure most of the album is old hymns and spirituals. It is a fantastic blend of folk, gospel and country. I highly recommend for all you Griffindors out there!

Grace and peace