Gospel Community

We are all running this race together.

Together, we have this hope that we will be continually shaped into the image of Jesus, that the Kingdom of God will be growing in the world, that we are forgiven and loved, that one day we will spend eternity perfectly with the God who loves us.

So when we see a brother or sister who is drowning in sin, who has tripped and fallen, we restore them to this hope that keeps us going. When we are fumbling around through the darkness of the valley, we need people who have the view from the mountain to come alongside us. It requires humility from the valley to admit that we aren’t okay and actually let people in to the crap of our lives. And it requires humility from the mountain to not lord it over the valley, because they could just as easily be in the valley.

“God creates this environment, with our identity being found in him through the gospel, in which I am willing to engage you, and you are willing to engage me, as we see one another drowning, with gentleness, humility, grace, and a heart that, when all is said an done, is most interested in you walking fully in what Christ has died to bring you. That’s a beautiful community of faith.” (Matt Chandler)

The thing that is going to keep us from the fullness of this community is pride. When we look at someone engulfed in sin and let it puff us up because at least we are better off than that guy (guilty!), then it actually breaks community.

No one was meant to fight alone.

I pray that God would uproot the pride that is crippling the Church. I pray that he would start with me.

Grace and peace,