Girl Interrupted

I may or may not be sitting in class right now. And I may or may not have refreshed my Facebook feed so many times that I’ve actually slowed time to a halt. It’s not even a freakishly beautiful day outside. I just can’t sit here any longer. And since I can’t actually rise from my seat because there are only twelve people in this class, I’ll just write a little bloggy poo.

Well, I’m in the last leg of my college education. It may be cliché to say that I just can’t believe it. But I just can’t believe it. I’m not so much taken back by the speed at which college went by. I’m surprised by the fact that I survived. I at least deserve a t-shirt for this. I get a diploma. Even better.

Oops. Just got called out for not paying attention.

Signing off.


Good Morning America!

Somehow, life has turned me into a morning person. And I LOVE it. Waking up to enjoy those blessed moments of peace before the world wakes up and begins its business. We have a sun room. And it is a yellow sun room. And when the sun creeps up over the trees, its rays pierce our yellow sun room and light it on fire! Figuratively speaking, of course.

All of my roommates have to wake up early. So the mornings are when we laugh together the most, simply enjoying each other’s company before we, too, dive in to the business of our lives. We dance in our underwear. We play tricks on each other. We make fun of each other’s morning hair.

My favorite part is making the cup of coffee that I don’t actually drink. I love the idea of sitting down in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. So I go through all the necessary means to bring this into fruition. But I only actually drink a half a cup. But it’s ok! The coffee is cheap and my heart is full.

May your morning today be full of joy.

Grace and peace,


Anyone else out there a morning star? Anyone ? Bueller?