Ready! Aim! Fire!

I live with four of my best friends. And I love them for so many reasons. Truly, we’ve been through the fire and the rain together. Life is never boring.
Ashley: I think I caught our microwave on fire…

Me: Is that metal? Ash, did you put a metal pan in the microwave?!?!

Ashley: *pause* …it’s oven safe!

Me: That’s not the same thing! Did anything happen to it?

Ashley: *laugh laugh laugh* It sparked!

Me: You can’t put metal in the microwave!

Ashley: What else should I use?!

Me: A plate. A microwave-safe plate.

Ashley: Well apparently NOTHING is microwaveable these days!
And now we are jamming to The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack. I love my life.

Grace and peace,


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