He Loves.

This song has become well known in our churches and on our Christian radios. I used to agree with those who said the line “sloppy wet kiss” isn’t appropriate for church. That it needed to be changed if it was to be played in our Sunday services and our FM stations. It is too graphic and too offensive. But it’s real.

I know this is true of me: perhaps we water down the intimacy of true relationship with God because it isn’t particularly clean. We fear offense. But in general, the offended are also the afraid, afraid to let God into the muck and mire of their lives. So we create a package of “nice” on Sunday mornings for people to take home and put on their pretty shelf of things they learned this week.

What is the best way to immerse yourself into an icy cold swimming pool? You jump all in. The initial bite is cold but after a few seconds, it feels natural. More often than not, climbing down the stairs bit by bit, waiting for each section of your body to get used to the cold will only cause you to turn around and get back to dry land.

I understand that people are easily freaked out. And there is most certainly a line to be drawn at what is appropriate. Intimacy loses its zest when the whole world sees it. There are some things that are truly only meant to be experienced between you and God. But at the same time, we are on display in a dying world to prove that God is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. How will we show the world if we hide it all?

I’m not saying that changing the song back to its original content will fix everything. But I think it should call us to question why. Because the true Gospel is this: that when I have gotten everything wrong, God will not take His love away. When the aches of my heart are so menacing and real and I’m a mess on the floor, God does not feel uncomfortable. When I am furious with God for my sufferings, He isn’t offended. When I am completely lost at how to live, He isn’t angry. When I muster up the courage to tell Him the deepest, grossest, darkest places of my heart, God loves.

A heart who has seen the depths of Glory, is one who worships the deepest.

How He Loves.