A Pleasant Surprise

I’m spending a Friday evening alone in my room. Reading a book. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that.

A usual Friday evening would have my older-younger sister out and about, my younger-younger sister with her face two inches from the computer screen, my mom chatting away with her girlfriends online (or playing that diamond game on facebook… she lives to win) and my dad doing who-knows-what! But tonight is special. I headed for the fridge (that’s not the special part) and behold! The most beautiful creature my eyes have ever seen has graced me with her presence. She sat proudly nestled into our cozy worn sofa, allowing the finest of fish (Nemo) to entertain herself.

I couldn’t speak. It’s hard  to even make eye contact with such beauty…

In other news, I have two days left in the States. I haven’t gotten to see nearly as many people as I would have liked in this week between college and travel but overall it’s been great. I’m having trouble narrowing down the books that I want to take with me. I probably won’t actually read all the books that I take, but a 15-hour flight demands reading material. I love books, but I’m not much of a reader. It’s extremely rare for me to find a book that holds my attention to the very last page. Every single book I was assigned in high school was read halfway. It’s a shame really.

I should probably begin the packing procedure. Though I’m almost guaranteed to forget my deodorant.


The Calm

My room is packed up in boxes. The walls are naked. The closets are bare. It’s not unlike a hospital. Except I don’t have nurses pumping happy drugs through my veins. At this point, I wouldn’t be opposed. I’m exhausted. Finals week is almost over. I’m ready to be done.

I only have a week to rest up until I leave for China for the summer. I’ll be there for two months. It will be a long two months. But it will be a good two months. I’m ready for the China experience to rock my little world. I’m most excited to have new memories to bring home. I’ve been out of the country a few times before. Sometimes I’ll be studying in my friend’s back yard and I get a whiff of thick green. It takes me back to Poland. Sometimes I’ll be riding my bike through campus and the dumpster’s fumes rip my nose hairs out. It takes me back to South Korea. (I’m not hating at all – it was an AWESOME experience). Sometimes I’ll be on a drive through the city and I catch the smell of breads and meats cooking in some kitchen restaurant. It takes me back to Bolivia. Music and smells are powerful memory catchers. I’ll have a fresh batch to bring home with me at the end of the summer.

My calves burn. Let me tell you why. I ran around the lakes. And my muscles weren’t receiving enough oxygen to produce ATP for the myosin to release from the actin in my muscles, so my body switched to glycolysis, which breaks down glucose to produce ATP to give my muscles enough energy to keep me going. It’s pretty efficient because it doesn’t require oxygen. However, a lame by-product is lactic acid. And I feel it pooling in my calves.

I deserved much more than a 91 on my biology final.

Happy summer.