The big comfy couch (aka the danger zone).

I had a jury summons this morning. I got up at 6:30 and hit the snooze. Then I actually got up at 7 and headed down to the courthouse. The whole way there I was thinking of ways I could get out of this. Maybe if I break my leg, they wouldn’t make me go. Or maybe if I come with carrots in my nose, they’ll excuse me. Or maybe if I have one eye crossed at all times and a constant flow of drool, they’ll kick me out. Or maybe…

Of course, I gave them my piece of paper and sat down without a word. I then sat in the jury assembly room (white walls and gray carpet for crying out loud), watching the clock make its rounds twice. It’s sick, I tell you. I sat there for two hours, only for them to tell me to come back again on Wednesday. Oh the fates!

This week I’ve been filled to the brim with apathy. I think that if I ride me bike, I’d feel more up to living. But I have a headache, and my blanket is warm.

God is faithful, even when I am faithless. Wait, let’s revise that. God is most faithful when I am faithless.

There had to have been days where Moses wasn’t feeling up to obeying the call. There had to have been days when Abraham felt too tired to move. There had to have been days when David’s joy was smothered by apathy.

Yet there was never a day where Jesus wasn’t abiding in the Father.

Where You go I’ll go and what You say I’ll say, even though the thought of leaving this couch makes me want to shove peas in my ears.