The big comfy couch (aka the danger zone).

I had a jury summons this morning. I got up at 6:30 and hit the snooze. Then I actually got up at 7 and headed down to the courthouse. The whole way there I was thinking of ways I could get out of this. Maybe if I break my leg, they wouldn’t make me go. Or maybe if I come with carrots in my nose, they’ll excuse me. Or maybe if I have one eye crossed at all times and a constant flow of drool, they’ll kick me out. Or maybe…

Of course, I gave them my piece of paper and sat down without a word. I then sat in the jury assembly room (white walls and gray carpet for crying out loud), watching the clock make its rounds twice. It’s sick, I tell you. I sat there for two hours, only for them to tell me to come back again on Wednesday. Oh the fates!

This week I’ve been filled to the brim with apathy. I think that if I ride me bike, I’d feel more up to living. But I have a headache, and my blanket is warm.

God is faithful, even when I am faithless. Wait, let’s revise that. God is most faithful when I am faithless.

There had to have been days where Moses wasn’t feeling up to obeying the call. There had to have been days when Abraham felt too tired to move. There had to have been days when David’s joy was smothered by apathy.

Yet there was never a day where Jesus wasn’t abiding in the Father.

Where You go I’ll go and what You say I’ll say, even though the thought of leaving this couch makes me want to shove peas in my ears.


Procrastination = Story Time

There is a coffee shop attached to the church I attend just on the outskirts of campus in Baton Rouge. It’s called Common Grounds. Clever, right? Well it is open until midnight for most of the week and so students come in and study their brains out. I, however, didn’t believe in studying, so I just go to hang out with the studying people.

One night, I was hanging with Jessica in her dorm (aka sleeping on her bed while she was trying to study) and I decided that since she was being so hospitable, that I should do something for her in return. I offered to run to Common Grounds to get her an iced coffee, knowing how she thrives on those suckers.

On the way there is a field on a corner. (It’s not really a field because it isn’t very big and is peppered with tress.) Of course, we all know cutting corners saves time. And I’m all about saving time. The moon was out and about, so a faint bluish white light was cast upon everything. I was on my way to Common Grounds on my bike and was cutting across said field when I noticed a dark figure the size of a beach ball hiding in the shadow of one of the trees. Not knowing what it was, I cut the farther into the “field” than usual. All the sudden, the figure darted out from the tree and was headed straight for me.

I turned my bike even harder, trying to avoid whatever item was trying to attack. Just as it was within feet from my bike, it turned so that it was now running alongside me at my feet. After what seemed like minutes of triple takes in an effort to figure out what was haunting my coffee run, I saw it looked like a giant rat with a shell. Gasp! An armadillo?! I’m being chased by an armadillo?! Before I knew it, I was in the race of all races with an armadillo to Common Grounds, and we were neck n’ neck! Who knew those suckers could run so fast? The only time I’d ever seen an armadillo was with its head rolled flat, smashed into the ground by whatever just ran over it. I’d always thought of them as the Great Squirrels of Texas. When I finally hit the other side of the field, the thing ran off into the night, leaving me in a state of bewilderment. My life was forever changed that night.

Would anyone ever believe me? I thought to myself…

Quote Book.

I’ve spent most of my days this summer at work, saucing and cheesing as many pizzas as my hands will allow.

The family came down for Hannah’s graduation. Hanging on the beach with them is always great. And of course, we finished the week off with a grand shrimp boil! It’s quite entertaining, the quotes that can be gathered within a week of extended family visitation.

My favorites were by Uncle Jim:

He was trying to remember the name of something and all the sudden lets a big juicy fart rip. “Oop! That’s what happens when I think.”

He was sitting on the couch (by himself) watching The Secret Garden on TV. I looked down at him and he looks up at me. He paused and then says “gosh, this movie is addicting.” What a man.

My family stayed on the 4th floor of a condo. Uncle Jim, Aunt Jackie and I were going down for a walk on the beach. Without thinking, Jackie and I start to take the stairs, since they are closer to the door. But Jim stops at the top and looks at us like we’re from the crazy house. “You know there’s an elevator.” Jackie replies, “oh come on Jim, it’s just stairs and they are RIGHT here!” Jim’s eyes widen. “But we’re on VACATION!”

Seriously, I love my family.